Bracken - We Know About the Need CD

Bracken - We Know About the Need CDBracken
Label: Anticon
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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Chris Adams (of the band Hood) makes his first official solo debut. As many of you may know, Anticon has become a haven for all things indie, as they are no longer considered the agressive voice of the underground hip hop scene that they used to be. As of late, the releases they've put out still tend to garner the same amount of critical praise and attention that they did when they were known as the hip hop collective that consisted of co-founders Sole, Doseone, Alias, Why?, Jel, Odd Nosdam and the Pedestrian. As the years went by the artists on the label's roster continued to push the boundaries of experimental hip hop to new heights, and suddenly people weren't calling it hip hop anymore. Bracken is the latest in the label's new direction and at first listen I wanted to call it space-rock, but further into the album I found that there was no single genre to place this in. Dreamlike industrial soundscapes, haunting and atmospheric, Adams' voice throughout the entire album sounds reminiscent of an echo, as though you are hearing the music being played at the end of some dark tunnel. Definitely one to soak in and a very promising look at what the future holds, not only for Bracken, but Anticon as well.

1.Of Athroll Slains
4.Fight Or Flight
5.Safe Safe Safe
6.Music For Adverts
7.Evil teeth
8.Four Thousand Style
9.La Monte Lament
10.Many Horses
11.Back on the Calder Line

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