Common - Finding Forever CD

Common - Finding Forever CDCommon
Label: Geffen Records
Year: 2007
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Common's seventh album continues the vibe of his last album, BE, tackling issues of love, struggle and scattered social commentary, finding Common again in a truly reflective mode. Kanye West handles the bulk of the music, save for a few by Will.I.Am, Devo, Springsteen and J Dilla, who's song 'So Far To Go' is slightly reworked here with new lyrics. Production-wise, the album strives to mirror and honor Dilla's soulquarian era found on Com's earlier albums, while building on the chemistry that brought him and Kanye together in the first place. He's come a long way from his debut, but aims to finding a lasting place by existing through his music.

Production by Kanye West except: 3, 6 J Dilla.

2.Start the Show
3.The People (feat. Dwele) click to listen
4.Driving Me Wild (feat. Lily Allen) click to listen
5.I Want You
6.Southside (feat. Kanye West) click to listen
7.Forever Begins
8.The Game click to listen
9.U, Black Maybe (feat. Bilal) click to listen
10.So Far To Go (feat. D'Angelo)
11.Break My Heart
12.Misunderstood click to listen

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"Finding Forever....., September 2, 2007
By: - See all my reviews

I review this albulm a little late due to the fact I'm in Afghanistan but here is how I see it. A strong follow up to BE.

1. Intro - Produced by Derrick Hodge has a nice soulful futuristic sound to it I found myself wishing it was longer it mixed well into Start the Show.

2. Start the Show - Produced by Kanye West a strong track with Common in the "Hungry" mode dope beat by Kanye he did a good job inmitating a Dilla beat. Great Track!

3. The People - Produced by Kanye West beat hook "My Daughter found Nemo I found the new Preemo" Common kills it lyrically like always. Grab doubles of this on wax!

4. Drivin' Me Wild ft. Lily Allen - Produced by Kanye West not sure if I'm feeling Common over this track some sort of Electo type of beat. The story was great. This is definately a track I can see the MTV crowd liking.

5. I Want You ft. Will.I.Am - Produced by Will.I.Am Common over another uncommon beat with Will.I.Am over the hook. Common still comes through managing to make the track work.

6. Southside ft.Kanye West - Produced by Kanye Westa shorter version of the song of the same name performed on VH-1 pre Superbowl Party(Chicago vs. Indianapolis). The two artist tag team the track trading lyrics over a smoothed out beat. Good Track!

7. The Game - Produced by Kanye West the beat is straight boom-bap at its finest with DJ Premier brought in on the track to do the scratches. Common spitting straight fire on the track " I never kiss the ass of the masses.." grab the single it's a B-Side worthy of being an A. Dope Track!

8. Black Maybe ft. Bilal - Produced by Kanye West Stevie Wonder and Syreta sample great track about overcoming your situations. Check it out.

9. So Far To Go ft. D'Angelo - Produced by J-Dilla this track seems like it could have been a left over from LWFC. Released earlier on J-Dilla posthumous "The Shining" revamped lyrics. Great track!

10. Break My Heart - Produced by Kanye West killer sample the beat is great as are the lyrics relationship stuff another banger.

11. Misunderstood - Produced by Devo Springsteen dope beat Comm again in story teller mode. Good Track!

12. Forever Begins - Produced by kanye West the finale to the albulm the military drums and Pops at the end breaking it down. Dope Track!

This definately on of the top 5 Hip Hop releases of 2007. Not quite the Gem that LWFC was but a close second. Great Albulm 4.5/5


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