Little Brother - Getback CD

Little Brother - Getback CDLittle Brother
Label: ABB Records
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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Commonly called the LB's, Little Brother have released two classic and critically acclaimed albums, The Listening in 2002, and The Minstrel Show in 2005. During their tenure, Little Brother has drawn comparisons to some of hip hop's most venerable groups like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Outkast and EPMD. This highly anticipated album has North Carolina's finest giving fans of all ages and all walks of life, new school and old school heads alike, a reason to once again ''Get Back'' to being true fans of hip hop! Featuring appearances by Jozeemo, Darien Brockington, Lil Wayne and more!

2.Can't Win For Losing
3.Breakin' My Heart (feat. Lil Wayne) click to listen
4.Good Clothes click to listen
5.After the Party (feat. Carlitta Durand)
6.Extra Hard
7.Step It Up (feat. Dion) click to listen
8.Two-Step Blues
9.That Ain't Love (feat. Jozeemo) click to listen
11.When Everything is New

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3 Stars (Notable), August 13, 2008
By: MSarabia1036 - See all my reviews

Pros: Decent MC'ing. A few nice beats. good replay.

Cons: A lot of average beats. Phonte and Pooh have some extremely dub down lyrics on this... it's pretty unbelievable how emotionless the lyrics are on some tracks, compared to their last attempts. Weak hooks and bad RnB hooks. Lil' Wayne. No 9th Wonder. Some wack subjects.

Overall: Here we go again. I could of sworn that this album would of been the great as Little Brother never comes wack, mad dissapointing. There is absolutely no style on this such as what The Listening or The Minstrel Show (even The Chittlin Circuit 1.5) had as every track was connected to the next. I mean, Phonte and Big Pooh really didn't come wack if you look at hip hop as a whole but as what they have accomplished this is a step backwards as The Listening was excellent and The Mistrel Show was just classic. It makes you wonder if 9th Wonder really, by leaving, delivered a big blow to the group but after listening to his new album who knows? Overall this album was a huge disappointment, I was expecting classic material especially since the album is only eleven tracks long. I actually wonder if this was the album that they had planned to be releasing on Atlantic Records? Or is it a whole bunch of scraps put together in just a few months as I heard that Kno was going to be producing two tracks on here but there not here?

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