RJD2 - The Third Hand CD

RJD2 - The Third Hand CDRJD2
Label: XL Recordings
Year: 2007
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Format: CD

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The once Columbus, Ohio based DJ for Fondle Em's late 90's undergroung rap group the MHz's has come a long way, and stayed busy after his 2002 debut with Definitive Jux. The sample based super-producer has been hard at work over the years not only on his own albums and delivering beats for many artists along with his Jukie label mates, but also teaming up with Blueprint for full length projects like Soul Position, and Aceyalone for last year's Magnificent City. In 2004 his second full-length release on Def Jux, Since We Last Spoke, was critically acclaimed and featured less of an Entroducing-like feel, as he utilized live instrumentation, rock-based samples and vocals. For his 3rd album, RJ has shifted directions completely, not abandoning what made his previous albums good, but building upon it. Recorded, arranged, and produced entirely by himself, using his traditional sampling techniques as well as analog synths, electric pianos, guitars and even providing his own voice, singing throughout the entire album save for only a few instrumental tracks. DJ Shadow left you scratching your head after The Outsider? This may be uncharted territory for those seeking the heavy head nodding instrumentals that propelled RJ into the spotlight five years ago. It was clear very early on that RJD2 was destined for great things, leaning more and more towards a sound all his own, so make no mistake this is not a hip hop record, although it does break boundaries set by his hip hop roots and expands on his ever penchant taste for pop, rock, funk and soul. To quote EL-P: ''When you're a millionaire don't forget us'' to RJ, in the liner notes of 2001's DJXP2.

Produced by RJD2.

2.You Never Had It So Good click to listen
3.Have Mercy
5.Work It Out click to listen
6.Laws of the Gods
7.Get It
9.The Bad Penny click to listen
10.Beyond the Beyond
11.Sweet Piece click to listen
12.Rules For Normal Living
13.Paper Bubble
14.Just When click to listen
15.The Evening Gospel

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