Various Artists - Preserving Efforts vol. 1 DVD

Various Artists - Preserving Efforts vol. 1 DVDVarious Artists
Label: Jasmatuph Creations / Shogun Distribution
Year: 2006
Price: $19.95
Format: DVD

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Preserving Efforts volume 1 features 14 hip hop music videos from around the world, including Atmosphere (US), Guru (US), Def Tex (England), Pete Philly & Perquisite (Netherlands), Wordburglar (Canada) plus 7 Australian artists including Bliss N Eso, Koolism, Muphin, TZU, Urthboy and many more. Furthermore, 13 of the 14 clips included have never before appeared in DVD format. Additional information about each clip illustrates the different budget constraints (from $100 to $50,000 spent); full credits including director, the duration of time spent making each clip and the filming location. Plus original background music produced by highly regarded Australian producers Plutonic Lab and Osinaka. For fans of Australian rapper Muphin, his clip 'A Better Man' features exclusively on Preserving Effort volume 1. 3D animated menus. 14 videos, 58 minutes running time. All region NTSC format.

1.Atmosphere - 'Say Hey There'
2.Bliss N Eso - 'Then Till Now'
3.Def Tex - 'Freaks'
4.Guru - 'Hood Dreamin'''
5.Koolism - 'Adrenalin'
6.Living Legends - 'Down For Nothin'''
7.Mnemonic Ascent - 'Hold Back'
8.Muphin - 'A Better Man'
9.Murs - 'HUSTLE'
10.Pete Philly & Perquisite - 'Grateful'
11.The Optimen - 'Give It Up'
12.Tzu - 'Dam Busters'
13.Urthboy - 'Come Around'
14.Wordburglar - 'The Wordburglar'

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