Decompoze - Decomposition 2xCD

Decompoze - Decomposition 2xCDDecompoze
Label: The LA Underground
Year: 2006
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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Longtime collaborator and producer for Binary Star, Decompoze, drops his solo debut! And while its not on One Be Lo's Subterraneous Records there are quite a few appearances by the man himself. This has got Waterworld and elements of S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M written all over it, dope beats, thought provoking lyrics, and a straight up love for hip hop felt on every track. This is your early reminder NOT to sleep! The second disc comes complete with instrumentals.

Disc 1
2.Lap 2 (feat. One Be Lo) click to listen
3.Mica (Phone Check)
4.Same Song
5.All Out (feat. Juice / Invincible / Magestik Legend / One Be Lo / Elzhi) click to listen
6.Take A Stand (feat. Kodac)
7.Brand Nu (feat. Buf 1 / Illite)
8.Good Vibe (feat. 14KT) click to listen
9.Heart Of The Matter
10.React (feat. Zhao-Ski) click to listen
11.Chocolate Shake (feat. Octane)
12.Don't Stop, Don't Quit
13.We Over Here (feat. Octane / Illite / One Be Lo) click to listen
14.Freakin Flo's (feat. One Be Lo)
15.Indy 500 click to listen
Disc 2
1.Decomposition (instrumental)
2.Lap 2 (instrumental)
3.Mica (Phone Check) (instrumental)
4.Same Song (instrumental)
5.All Out (instrumental)
6.Take A Stand (instrumental)
7.Brand Nu (instrumental)
8.Good Vibe (instrumental)
9.Heart Of The Matter (instrumental)
10.React (instrumental)
11.Chocolate Shake (instrumental)
12.Don't Stop, Don't Quit (instrumental)
13.We Over Here (instrumental)
14.Freakin Flo's (instrumental)
15.Indy 500 (instrumental)
16.Outro (instrumental)

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