Various Artists - The Bay Connect CD

Various Artists - The Bay Connect CDVarious Artists
Label: LivenFire Records
Year: 2006
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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1.All Creative, Crukusaki, KillaStormz, & XienHow - 'Bay Connect'
2.KillaStormz, Lush One, Kristo, XienHow, & Z-Man - 'Life In The City'
3.Z-Man Skit 1
4.Floss A Fee, Enzyme Dynamite, XienHow, I-Suppose, Figment, & Ill-werd - 'Caliente'
5.Tripple J, XienHow, & Enzyme Dynamite - 'Coastin'
6.Grunge, KillaStormz, Fever, E.T.C., Dirt Bag Dan, Floss A Fee, Kaor Device, & XienHow - 'Cool Piece'
7.Z-Man Skit 2
8.XienHow, Complexity, Lush One, Floss A Fee, & E.T.C. - 'Days Go By'
9.XienHow -'Cycle'
10.Z-Man Skit 3
11.K.E.V. & XienHow - 'Street Life'
12.XienHow, WadeMan, & KillaStormz - 'We Drop It'
13.L'Roneous, XienHow, Enzyme Dynamite, & Floss A Fee - 'Neva Hold Back'
14.Z-Man Skit 4
15.XienHow, Skitz, Mint Rock, & E.T.C. - 'Unbeatable Foe'
16.Kristo, KillaStormz, Complexity, & XienHow - 'Marchin'
17.Antares Monotero, Enzyme Dynamite, & XienHow - 'Spit Venom'
18.Z-Man Skit 5
19.Floss A Fee, Jern Eye, Khai Sharrieff, XienHow, & KillaStormz - 'Buildin'
20.WadeMan & XienHow - 'I Had To'
21.Z-Man Skit 6
22.XienHow & Canibal Lecture - 'Bay Slap'
23.Mikey Mo, E.T.C., XienHow, Floss A Fee, & TrackStar - 'Stand Up' (feat. Enzyme Dynamite)
24.Z-Man Skit 7
25.Relic Secure, Binghi Ghost, XienHow, & Floss A Fee - 'This Time'
26.Mia Bella - 'Rain' (feat. XienHow)

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