Jaba One - CD Your Girl Was Jockin CDR

Jaba One - CD Your Girl Was Jockin CDRJaba One
Label: Homegrown Blends
Year: 2006
Price: $7.95
Format: CDR

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The first of the 'Feel Good music' series; plain and simple... this is my collection of sure shot party starters as well as mellow music to set the mood. In the insert, I explain that 'hip hop now a days is too serious...' and I truly believe that it is. Everyone's trying to prove a point or be this guy or that guy. This CD is the complete antithesis of that. This is fun music for these serious times, compiled to make to make your girl go 'OOOHHH!!!' Don't hate... just kick back and enjoy the music... then download these songs later onto your Serato and tell everyone that YOU were the first to find these. Hahahaha... - from the immortal words of DJ Jaba One

Mixed by DJ Jaba One.

2.Les Nubians - 'Makeda (remix)'
3.Kim Hill - 'Summertime in Aspen'
4.Kinny & Horne - 'Dignity'
5.Soulive - 'Arruga remix' (feat. Ekene Nwokoye)
6.Avila Brothers - 'More Than Friends'
7.The Breezin' Guy - 'Take You Out'
8.Jay-Z - 'Excuse Me Miss'
9.Little Brother - 'Whatever You Say (9th Wonder Remix)'
10.A Tribe Called Quest - 'Keep It Rollin'
11.Roy Ayers - 'Feel Like Makin Love'
12.Donell Jones - 'You Know That I Love You'
13.Floetry - 'Wanna Be Where U Are' (feat. Mos Def)
14.The Society - 'Leave Your Worries'
15.De La Soul - 'Breakadawn'
16.Jakko - 'I Can't Help It'
17.Jamie Cullum - 'Frontin'
18.DJ Drez - 'Don't Explain' (feat. Nikko)
19.A Tribe Called Quest - 'Electric Relaxation'
20.Rell - 'Real Love' (feat. Kanye West)
21.DJ Jazzy Jeff - 'How I Do' (feat. Shawn Stockman)
22.Frankie J - 'You're the One For Me' (feat. 3LW)
23.Gang Kelly - 'Step in the Name of DWYCK'
24.J Black - 'Sunshine'
25.Myas - 'Best of Me remix' (feat. Jay-Z)
26.Musiq - 'Jusfrenz'
27.Niecy - 'Cuz U Love Me'
28.Koffee Pearl - 'U @ the Afterparty?'
29.The Candyrain Guys - 'Let's Stay Together'
30.DJ rags - 'Stayin' Together'
31.Reverend Green - 'Let's Stay Together'
32.DJ Slave - 'Original Beats'
33.Laurnea - 'Sun Don't Rain'
34.Erykah Badu - 'Back in the Day'
35.As One - 'I Luv U'
36.Corrine Bailey Rae - 'Your Love is Mine'

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