Geodesic - Private Armies 2xCD

Geodesic - Private Armies 2xCDGeodesic
Label: Manchromatic
Year: 2006
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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For those who haven't heard...Manchromatic is an abstract hip hop collective of mc's dj's and producers out of Albuquerque. Private Armies is a 2-disc collection covering the Geodesic's early work dating all the way back to 1998, here you can witness their producing and lyrical evolution up to 2001 with full length songs and instrumentals. Again some of this reminds me of early Anticon or Shapeshifters stuff. The first disc is more of a complete album with newer material while the second disc is 22 tracks straight from the archives in timeline fashion. If you've already picked up the P38 and RW album then you know what to expect, its also a great introduction to the artists on this label.

Disc 1: Tracks 1 and 12 Produced by Greybeard. Tracks 2,3,4,7,10 and 11 Produced by RW. Tracks 5 and 6 Produced by HDS. Tracks 8,9 and 14 Produced, Cut and Recreated by P38. Disc 2: Tracks 2,3,4,5 and 7 Produced by DJ Dozer. Tracks 6,9,11,12,16,17,20 and 22 Produced by HDS. Track 8 Produced by John B. and Factor B. Track 13 Produced by P38 and RW. Tracks 10,15 and 18 Produced by Factor B. Track 19 Produced by P38 and HDS. Track 14 Produced by RW and HDS. Track 19 Produced by P38.

Disc 1
2.Bending the Brain (feat. RW) click to listen
3.Low Hado (feat. Greybeard) click to listen
4.CD Karaoke (feat. RW)
5.Hard Rock by Saddam (feat. Greybeard / RW)
6.Secondary recall Therapy click to listen
7.Hell Without Hell (feat. Greybeard / RW)
8.Homemade Mic Trophy w/ Sock in Mouth freestyle (feat. RW)
10.Weekend Warriors (feat. RW) click to listen
11.Riding Free on the Old SP
12.7.5/500 (feat. RW)
13.The Abomination
14.Some Wanted to Dance
Disc 2
1.Mouth Being Weapon (feat. Phdhg)
2.Wooden Horses (feat. HDS / Oyster)
3.the Solution (feat. HDS / Factor-B)
4.DJ Dozer - 'Cryptophytical'
5.DJ Dozer - 'Criminal from the Fifth Dimension' (feat. Marcos)
6.HDS - 'vector Q'
7.DJ Dozer - 'Bali and Gordan'
8.Star Whore
9.Monkey Chant
10.Lets See Your ID
11.Short Intermission
12.IBM RS 6000
13.Pink Elephants
14.Battle of Production
15.Smokey and the Headset
16.Two Lines from Hades (feat. RW / Phdhg / HDS)
17.The Exocist
18.Unbounded By Time (feat. RW / Phdhg)
19.East Meets West
20.Mountain Time Zone (feat. Greybeard)
21.Cut from the Implement EP
22.Shuttlejacked (feat. HDS / Greybeard)

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