Bicasso - Rebel Musiq CD

Bicasso - Rebel Musiq CDBicasso
Label: Legendary Music
Year: 2009
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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We told you Legendary Music is on fire, and the hits keep on coming! This is a long awaited follow-up to limited releases of The Many Faces of...released in 2005! Each member of the Living Legends has always had their own following as everyone brings their own unique style, and Bicasso just wants us all to enjoy life and chill. Probably the easiest going member of the group and it's easy to tell, with Rebel Musiq featuring tracks you may have heard from Legendary Music Vol.1 and the downloads, plus previously passed around on a CD he only sold on tour and at shows, even we didn't get it! Longtime fans won't want to miss out! Legends, baby!

Produced by DJ Fresh.

1.ONE! BlastOFF
2.It's On (feat. Murs)
3.Get Free
4.Think Big
5.Rebel Musiq (get up, wake up)
6.the Town (feat. The Grouch)
7.My Life
8.People Get Ready (feat. Maya Azucena)
9.Party Metroid (feat. Zion I)
10.4 The Record
11.Amerikan Dreamz
12.What we gonna do?...Brotha'
13.WarzOver (feat. Saafir)
14.Holdin On (ur Love)
15.Do It Movin'

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great album, November 15, 2009
By: twisted_harmonix - See all my reviews

hands down the best legends release of '09.
dj fresh provides the slappers and bicasso comes with his best work to date.

Great Bicasso Album!, February 19, 2009
By: diggingdeep - See all my reviews

Was avail on his last tour. should of supported him then and went to the show to get yours. anyway, whole album hits HARD. of course feeling the tracks "think big" "get free" for starters but the song "the town (feat. Grouch)" bangs just as hard.DJ Fresh kills it on this tooooooo.

Pre-order your copy from access to get yours when this officially hits the streets or you're going to miss out.

paint brush funk - support bicasso

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