Ex Vandalz - Docile Takeover v.1 CD

Ex Vandalz - Docile Takeover v.1 CDEx Vandalz
Label: Vandal Squad Records
Year: 2007
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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Ex Vandalz (some former members of the Shapeshifters) deliver their first proper full length, unloading a whopping 22 tracks. Years in the making and under the musical guidance of some very good folks, they've created an incredibly solid effort, linking the boundaries between graffitti-inspired rap and the renaissance of today's melting pot of styles. Lots of your favorites are here...Existereo, I Self Devine, Rakaa-Iriscience, Rifleman, Qwel, Xololanxino, Andre Legacy, Prince Po and so much more! Comes complete with a fresh digipak foldout, making this purchase pretty much a no brainer!

1.Perk One, Andre Legacy & Awol One - 'Aerosol Kingdumb' click to listen
2.Dominic Bowen, Rec.worm, Perk One & LORD - 'This is it...'
3.Perk One, Rakaa-Iriscience - 'Industry Standard'
4.K984 - 'Graffiti Artland'
5.Perk One, Bleek & Meck One - 'Junkwaffle' click to listen
6.Andre Legacy, Perk One & Lord Zen - 'Innocent's Lost'
7.A Subtle Blend of Color
8.Black Silver, K984, Perk One & Rakaa-Iriscience - 'Create 2 Devastate' click to listen
9.Juggaknot (of Live Radio) - 'Kane Marko'
10.Perk One, Rakaa-Iriscience & 2Mex - 'Industry Standard Remix'
11.Perk One - 'Graffiti Brydge'
12.I Self Devine, Perk One & Prince Po - 'Burnt Brydges'
13.Slimmee's Theme
14.Meck one, Bleek, K984 & Perk One - 'Style Messiahs'
15.Existereo, Perk One, Rifleman & Xololanxinxo - 'Rally Ex' click to listen
16.Shock and Aww...
17.Existereo, Shumagorath, Perk One, Avatar, Akuma & Meck One - '7 Zark 7'
18.Bleek & Avatar - 'Verses vs Verses' click to listen
19.Perk One - 'The Art of Piece (Shoutoutro)'
20.DJ Lime - 'Takeova' (feat. Sham an' Noiya)
21.Deeskee - 'Motel 666' (feat. Qwel / Bishop I / Sleep / Mestizo) click to listen
22.Deeskee - 'Life Like (Graffiti on the Wall)' (feat. Akuma / Dannu / Awol One)

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GET IT!!!, May 22, 2009
By: WuRM - See all my reviews

If you're a fan of the shape shifters.. You better get this while it's still around.. Otherwize, you're gonna get left in the dust.. The artwork and CD packaging is top notch, and that's just the packaging.. They take this album back to the old school grass roots hip hop, which is what it should be.. GET IT!!!

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