MF Grimm - American Hunger 3xCD

MF Grimm - American Hunger 3xCDMF Grimm
Label: Day By Day Entertainment
Year: 2006
Price: $17.95
Format: CD

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The heavily anticipated return of MF Grimm with an amazing triple album! A first in hip hop history with 60 cuts in all! This isn't some generic bonus disc collection with remixes and exclusives...this is a true 3CD set, it's how he wanted it, a very deep, very personal album...the release was even delayed from its scheduled July '06 street date so that Grimm could touch on some current political issues in his lyrics. This album is unlike anything he's ever done. Its certainly an important defining moment in his life, his career and his music...and he wants the listener to be a part of it.

Production by Craig Rip, Krohme, Dub-L, The Architech, Hans Solo, J. Marty, DJ Crucial, Sid V, Lyrical Graffiti, Reality, Rashad, Black Panther, Mixture, JL, Nate Denver, Willow(treez), CX Kidtronik, the last Skeptik, Stalker, Will Tell, Captin, Planit, MAS, Nicotine, Skammadix, Aksim, soce, & DNAE. Whew!

Disc 1
1.American Hunger (Breakfast)
2.When faith is Lost click to listen
3.Page Six
4.The Life I Lead
6.Code Noir (Revenge of the Masked Avengers)
7.Right There
8.I Rather Be Wrong click to listen
9.Watch Out!
10.Yes or No
11.The Trees (feat. Baron)
12.The Path (feat. Monsta Island Czars)
13.Still My Love click to listen
14.Steal It
15.My Mentality
16.A Mother's Heart click to listen
17.Street General
18.MIC (feat. Monsta Island Czars)
19.The Gingerbread Man
20.I Don't Know
Disc 2
1.American Hunger (Lunch)
2.Playground click to listen
3.Boing (feat. PMD / MF Mez)
4.It's No Secret
5.I Remember
6.United (feat. Large Professor)
7.I Love You
8.Traveling (feat. Kurious / Lord Smog / Bashton the Invizabul Mang) click to listen
12.Agony (No Jugamos)
13.Master Builders
14.Things I've Said (feat. Baron) click to listen
15.Broken Glasses
16.Dark Skies (No Jugamos) (feat. Nate Denver / Bashton the Invizabul Mang)
18.Crazy (feat. Block McCLoud / MF Mez)
19.Who Rock (feat. Deuce Gangsta)
20.F**k You click to listen
Disc 3
1.American Hunger (The Last Supper)
2.Children of Abel
4.Adam & Eve click to listen
5.Lift Me Up (Snakes & Ladders)
6.Heaven Can Wait
7.Children of Cain click to listen
9.Manhattan Murder (feat. MF Mez)
10.Karma (feat. Ill Bill / Block McCloud) click to listen
11.Government of Deception
12.Brand New (feat. Monsta Island Czars)
13.No One
14.Elevate (feat. Majesty / Infinite Evolution)
15.Everything (feat. Block McCLoud / Majesty / Mr Met / Baron)
16.The Whole World (feat. Infinite Evol)
17.Ten Stories click to listen
18.Twin Peaks (feat. MF Mez / Hasan Salaam)
19.Simple Rhyme
20.The Book of Daniel (feat. MF Mez / Bashton the Invizabul Mang)

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