DJ Neil Armstrong - Oscillate Wildly CDR

DJ Neil Armstrong - Oscillate Wildly CDRDJ Neil Armstrong
Label: 5th Platoon
Year: 2006
Price: $8.50
Format: CDR

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From the words of Neil...''AOK Part 4 is dedicated to the good music created by the synthesizer, and as is tradition, we're dropping a bunch of different genres melted together nicely with that Hip Hop Aesthetic you know and love - House, New Wave, Freestyle, Electro, and a good smathering of 80's to name a few. As always, I'm going to hit you with some unexpected twists & turns to try to make you scrunch your face up and say 'ooh no he didn't' Some stuff you may have never heard before, some stuff is going to bring you back, some might make you think Neil is one strange cat, but I'm pretty sure you'll smile at least once along the way.''

Mixed by DJ Neil Armstrong.

1.Debbie Deb - 'When I Hear Music'
2.Xaviera Gold, Ralphi Rosario - 'You Used To Hold Me'
3.Reese (Kevin Saunderson) - 'You're Mine'
4.Prince - 'Erotic City'
5.Laid Back - 'White Horse'
6.George Kranz - 'Din Daa Daa'
7.Kano - 'I'm Ready'
8.Planet Patrol - 'Play At Your Own Risk'
9.Afrika Bambaataa - 'Planet Rock'/Kraftwerk - 'Trans Europe Express'
10.Art Of Noise - 'BeatBox (Diversion I)'
11.M - 'Pop Muzik'
12.Murray Head - 'One Night In Bangkok'
13.Kajagoogoo - 'Too Shy'
14.Erasure - 'Phantom Bride'
15.Level 42 - Something About You'
16.Howard Jones - 'Things Can Only Get Better'
17.Matthew Wilder - 'Break My Stride'
18.Hall & Oates - 'I Can't Go For That'
19.Timex Social Club - 'Rumors'
20.Oran 'Juice' Jones - 'The Rain'
21.Jody Watley - 'Looking For A New Love'
22.Dominatrix - 'The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight'
23.Touch Roses - 'Book Of Love'
24.Heaven 17 - 'Let Me Go'
25.Depeche Mode - 'Enjoy The Silence'
26.Frankie Knuckles - 'The Whistle Song'
27.Lidell Townsell - 'Nu Nu'
28.Aly-Us - 'Follow Me'
29.Stardust - 'Music Sounds Better With You'
30.Paul Hardcastle - 'Rain Forest'
31.Longsy D - 'This Is Ska'
32.Maurice - 'This Is Acid'
33.K-YZE - 'Stomp (Move, Jump, Jack Your Body)'
34.Two Without Hats - 'The Breeze'
35.Stevie B - 'I Wanna Be The One'
36.Freeez - 'I.O.U.'
37.Information Society - 'Running'
38.Only Time Will Tell - 'Asia'
39.Cutting Crew - '(I Just) Died In Your Arms'
40.Talk Talk - 'It's My Life'
41.New Order - 'Subculture'
42.Trio - 'Da Da Da'
43.Kraftwerk - 'Tour De France'
44.New Order - 'Perfect Kiss'
45.Real Life - 'Send Me An Angel'
46.Depeche Mode - 'But Not Tonight'
47.Gloria Jones/Soft Cell - 'Tainted Love'

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