DJ Shadow - The Outsider CD

DJ Shadow - The Outsider CDDJ Shadow
Label: Universal Records
Year: 2006
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Format: CD

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Highly acclaimed producer DJ Shadow returns with his 3rd full length record. Never content with staying the same each album, Shadow again alters his style, this time opting to incorporate more live and programmed elements and less sample-driven songs. The result is a heavy variation that not only encompasses past musical elements of his style, but expands and breaks down your expectations of what a Shadow record should sound like. According to Shadow: ''There's been a lot of speculation as to the vibe of the new album. Some have predicted that the whole album is in the hyphy vein like '3 Freaks.' To those people I say: RELAX YOUR BACK, YOU'VE ONLY HEARD ONE SONG. The album is very diverse, and reflects the fact that I don't fit comfortably in any one's simply the way things are. I've never really fit into any one clique. That's why the album is called The Outsider. In some ways it's a risky record. It's going to turn some people off. And I think I'll lose some fans. On the other hand, I know I'll gain some new ones. That's a fair trade in my mind. Besides I can't see playing it safe at this point in my life.'' In conclusion, this record is not for the close-minded or anyone scared of change, and on that note, this is NOT a hyphy record.

All songs produced and arranged by DJ Shadow except: 2 Instrumental arrangement by Max Weisenfelt and DJ Shadow, String arrangement on 2 & 15 arranged by Wil Malone, 18 Remix and additional production by Droop-E.. Instruments: 2 by The Heliocentrics, Guitar on 8 by Joe Gore, Drums & additional percussion on 12 by Count & Jack Iglesias. Additional percussion on 15 by Count. Additional Vocals: 3 DJ D-Sharp, 16 Count.

1.Outsider Intro
2.This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way) click to listen
3.3 Freaks (feat. Keak Da Sneak / Turf Talk) click to listen
4.Droop-E Droop
5.Turf Dancing (feat. The Federation / Anamaniaks)
6.Keep Em Close (feat. Nump)
7.Seein Thangs (feat. David Banner) click to listen
8.Broken Levee Blues
9.Artifact (instrumental)
10.Backstage Girl (feat. Phonte) click to listen
11.Triplicate / Something Happened That Day
12.The Tiger (feat. Sergio Pizzorno / Christopher Karloff) click to listen
13.Erase You (feat. Chris James)
14.What Have I Done (feat. Christina Carter)
15.You Made It (feat. Chris James) click to listen
16.Enuff (feat. Q-Tip / Lateef the Truthspeaker)
17.Dats My Part (feat. E-40)
18.3 Freaks (Droop-E Remix) (feat. Mistah FAB / Turf Talk / Keak Da Sneak)

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