Kool Keith - Collabs Tape 2xCD

Kool Keith - Collabs Tape 2xCDKool Keith
Label: Corner Shop Records
Year: 2006
Price: $10.95
Format: CD

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A double disc of collaborations between Kool Keith and oh...just about anyone you can think of!!! Seriously though, 39 tracks of songs with ODB, Percee P, Automator, Chino Xl, T-Love, The Cenobites, and even a reunion track with Ultramag! If you want to save yourself some time and money grab this release instead of spending countless hours trying to compile all of these tracks yourself!

Disc 1
1.Collabs Intro (feat. DJ Junkaz Lou)
2.Mankind Theme (feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard)
3.Biology 101 (feat. Sir Menelik)
4.Sugar (feat. Nancy Des Rose)
5.Return Of The B-Girl (feat. T. Love)
6.Freestyle (feat. Chino XL)
7.Bamboozled (Junkaz Lou Remix) (feat. Sinistre / Marc Live / Dr. Octopuss / Jacky Jasper)
8.I Ain't Having It (feat. Tim Dog)
9.Me Showed Up (feat. Jacky Jasper)
10.Young Ladies (feat. Guru / Big Shug / Patra)
11.Voices (feat. Godfather Don)
12.What's Up Now (feat. H-Bomb / Marc Live)
13.Doper Skiller (feat. MF Doom)
14.Exclusive #1
15.Party Baby (feat. Roger Troutman)
16.Outtatowniggaz (feat. Born 2wice / Tim Dog)
17.Exclusive #2
18.Freaks (feat. El Gants)
Disc 2
1.Diesel Power (feat. The Prodigy)
2.Mental Side Effects (feat. Fat Hed / H)
3.Can't F*ck Wit This (feat. Marc Live)
4.Hands On Experience Pt. 2 (feat. High & Mighty / What? What? / Bobbito Garcia)
5.Shake It Baby (feat. Motion Man)
6.Truck Jewlz (feat. Black Silver)
7.Kick A Dope Verse (Remix) (feat. The Cenobites)
8.King Of NY (feat. Dan The Automator)
9.Operation X
10.Keith 'N Me (feat. Princess Superstar)
11.On Tha Track (feat. H-Bomb)
12.Analog Annihilator Vs. Silver Surfer (feat. Analog Brothers)
13.Stank MC's (feat. Smut Peddlers)
14.Magnetische Velden (feat. Brainpower)
15.How We Got It (feat. Rhymestyle / Black Silver / Mr. Tan)
16.Checkin' Tha Doe (feat. Clayborne / Tim Dog)
17.Freestyle (feat. Ice-T)
18.Supreme Sound (feat. Nancy Des Rose)
19.Ultra Reunion (feat. Ultramagnetic MC's)
20.You're Late (feat. The Cenobites / Percee P)
21.All Night Everyday (feat. Esham / Heather Hunter)

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