Various Artists - Carving A New Standard v1 CD

Various Artists - Carving A New Standard v1 CDVarious Artists
Label: Up Above Records
Year: 2006
Price: $6.95
Format: CD

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Up Above has thrown together a fresh, nicely priced compilation, culling songs from previous singles and upcoming releases. You gets cuts from Visionaries, Kev Brown, Look Daggers (2Mex & Ikey Owens), Prince Po, Supernatural and loads more!

Used copy in standard jewel case. Near mint, disc and inserts. (Slight wear on the jewel itelf but no cracks.) Hold punched through the tray insert's barcode (not through the jewel case).

1.LMNO - 'Carving a New Standard' click to listen
2.Prince Po - 'I Got a Right to Know'
3.Gza & DJ Muggs - 'Destruction of a Guard'
4.Visionaries - 'War' click to listen
5.RBX - 'Free'
6.Kam - 'I Don't Think So'
7.LMNO - 'Ricochet'
8.Songodsons - 'Breath of a Salesman' (feat. Jean Grae)
9.J Sands - 'Southern Lady'
10.Roddy Rod - 'Trouble Lurkin Low' (feat. Kev Brown / Cy Young) click to listen
11.Supernatural - 'Not That Way'
12.Declaime - 'Enjoy Your Stay'
13.Self Scientific - 'Tears'
14.The Grouch & Eligh - 'Picture This' click to listen
15.Sleep - 'Love It to Death' (feat. Yarida Brown)
16.Look Daggers - 'Before You Say No'
17.Writers Block - 'Holiday'
18.Chali 2na - 'International' (feat. Beenie Man)
19.DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo - 'Melody (Remix)' (feat. MF Doom)
20.Kozmonautz - 'Blindsided' (feat. LMNO) click to listen
21.Kev Brown - 'Life's Gamble (Remix)' (feat. Cy Young)

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