Blue Sky Black Death - A Heap of Broken Images 2xCD

Blue Sky Black Death - A Heap of Broken Images 2xCDBlue Sky Black Death
Label: Mush Records
Year: 2006
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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This got our vote as one of the best releases of last year! Producers Kingston and Young God have split this into two discs, the first consists of all brooding and deep grooved instrumental bliss, the second features collaborations from some of your favorite MC's including Rob Sonic, Pep Love, Jus Allah, Guru, Awol One and more. Not your typical vocal versions + instrumentals. You really get two albums for the price of one courtesy of those cool cats over at MUSH! Seriously though, the Mikah 9 song is nuts!!! . And thats all we're saying...just hear for yourself.

Produced by Blue Sky Black Death.

Disc 1
1.Skies Open click to listen
2.Days Are Years
4.Not Here
5.They Came Around click to listen
6.Dream Of Dying
7.From Sun's Angle
8.Rap Creature Land
9.Heroin For God
10.Guilty Ones
11.The Dead Tree Gives No Shelter click to listen
12.Still Asleep
Disc 2
1.Engage My Words (feat. Jus Allah / Wise Intelligent / Sabac Red)
2.Street Legends (feat. A-Plus / Pep Love) click to listen
3.Floor Chalk (Best Reprise) (feat. Guru / Chief Kamachi)
4.Scriptures (feat. Lil' Sci)
5.Long Division (feat. Rob Sonic) click to listen
6.I Catch Fire (feat. Holocaust)
7.Grimey Styles (feat. Myka 9 (Mikah 9)) click to listen
8.Brain cells (feat. Virtuoso)
9.Everything (feat. Awol One)
10.It Wasn't White

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