The Grouch - Show You The World CD

The Grouch - Show You The World CDThe Grouch
Label: Legendary Music
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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''Show You The World'' is The Grouch's long-awaited 2008 album, his first full-length solo album since Crusader for Justice in 2002. Show You The World is 15 tracks deep with guest appearances from Raphael Saadiq (Tony! Toni! Tone!), MURS as well as Mike Marshall (Timex Social Club), Abstract Rude, Marty James (One Block Radius) and fellow Living Legends members Bicasso and Scarub! Don't know about you, but I can't wait!!

1.Microphone Intro (feat. Rio Amor)
2.Watch Watch (feat. Mike Marshall) click to listen
5.Favorite Folks
6.Yardwork click to listen
7.God Bless the Elephant (feat. Abstract Rude)
8.Show You The World (feat. Rafael Saadiq) click to listen
9.The Bay to LA (feat. Murs)
10.Mom & Pop Killer
11.Never Die click to listen
13.Bring It Back click to listen
14.Hot Air Balloons (feat. Bicasso / Scarub)
15.The Time (feat. Marty J)
16.Breath click to listen

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Good god damn.., April 10, 2008
By: Gfunk - See all my reviews

The man is at it again. Not really surprising in the least, considering Grouch has been elevating his rhyme and production styles year in and year out for as long as i can remember. I love the entire album with the exception of Shero, just not my flavor. Yardwork, Clones, Watch Watch, and Favorite Folks stand out without looking at the track names, and the entire album is really solid. Best of all, Grouch puts a lot of thought into his lyrics, which are really down to earth and refreshing to hear these days - where rappers and producers are on some wack ass McDonalds style franchise shit, trying to sell recycled big macs to trash hungry radio stations. Thankfully for us, rappers like Grouch hold it down! Hopefully you already knew that.

Feedback, April 8, 2008
By: luke_warm - See all my reviews

The Grouch Show You The World is a perfect addition to The Grouch's discography. The raps and beats are cohesive and hold this album together. Put this album in your car, roll your windows down, and turn it up. Two of my favorite tracks are Mom and Pop Killer and Show You the World.

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