Luckyiam (PSC) - Most Likely To Succeed CD

Luckyiam (PSC) - Most Likely To Succeed CDLuckyiam (PSC)
Label: Legendary Music
Year: 2007
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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It's no secret that Luckyiam's solo work has stood out on its own. While his lyrical contributions have definitely added flavor to the melting pot of his various crews' styles, his solo albums provided a platform to focus on more introspective and personal subject matter. Now, The co-founder of the Living Legends and Mystik Journeymen drops his 3rd installment in the Extra Credit Series, and it is quite possibly one of his strongest albums to date. Most Likely To Succeed acts as a confessional of sorts covering everything from the success he's had with Legends to the hardships and struggles he now faces to hold it all together. From the attention grabbing opener 'Let's Go,' to the candidly up front 'Dynamic Duos,' Lucky has truly let the listener into his world, and continues throughout the span of its 13 tracks to pull the curtain back. With appearances from the likes of Mickey Avalon, Slug, Aesop Rock, and musician/ singer Marty James, it's a star studded affair, without any of that unnecessary overblown hype or pretension.

Produced by Mils, The Nothing, Dirt Nasty, The A.M. and more TBA

1.Let's Go
2.The Best I Can (feat. Owls) click to listen
3.Tear Him Down click to listen
4.Dynamics of Duos
5.Borrowedtime (feat. Aesop Rock / Slug)
6.Rap, Rap, Rap
7.Classy Joint (feat. Marty James)
8.Nevermind (feat. Mickey Avalon / Dirt Nasty / Andre Legacy) click to listen
9.Memory Loss click to listen
10.Supposed 2 Be
11.Another Day (feat. Marty James)
12.I Guess
13.On The Fly (feat. Marty James) click to listen

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