Awol One - The War of Art CD

Awol One - The War of Art CDAwol One
Label: Cornerstone RAS
Year: 2006
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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One of Awol's finest albums to date...diverse yet cohesive, and everything you love about Awol as he delivers verses with that raspy, breathy, baritone voice, that only he can pull off. With beats by Daddy Kev, Jizzm, Grouch and loads more! Plus a special guest appearance by KRS-One. Heat!

Production: 1 J-Zone, 2 & 8 Jizzm, 3 The Grouch, 4 M Fusion, 5, 6, 13 Transducer, 6 Doeboy, 7 Pigeon John, 9 DJ Rhettmatic, 10 The Undergods, 11 Daddy Kev. Drums on 6 by Gary Ferguson. Bass, Keys Percussion and Background vocals on 6 by Transducer. Additional percussion on 6 by Andre Asmar and Pete.Additional vocals on 7 by Tina Skye Martin. Cuts on 7 by Cminus. Additional vocals on 8 by Pigeon John. Scratches 8 by DJ Roach, 10 Truly odD, 11 Awol One.

1.This Far click to listen
2.Casting Call
3.Seeds Grow
4.The Drums click to listen
5.Breathe Today
6.Underground Killz (feat. 2Mex / KRS-One)
7.Get You click to listen
8.Knowbody Cares (feat. Jizzm)
9.Stand Before click to listen
10.Looking Back (feat. Riddlore?)
11.Evil Prevails
12.Everything's Perfect (feat. Eyedea) click to listen
13.Bloody Shoes

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