Soul Position - Things Go Better w/ RJ+Al CD

Soul Position - Things Go Better w/ RJ+Al CDSoul Position
Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Year: 2006
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Format: CD

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RJD2 and Blueprint come with the 3rd Soul Position album to date, and lacking it is not! This album is HEAT!!! Blueprint keeps developing his style and is one of the better story-telling MC's out there, and you shall see that in time, things have definitely gotten better. RJD2 has some incredibly diverse beats that provide a perfect canvas for Blueprint to lay his lines along. You will be taken for a ride with this one!

1.The Beginning
2.No Gimmicks
3.Hand-Me-Downs click to listen
4.The Extra Mile
5.Blame It On The Jager click to listen
6.I Need My Minutes
7.Keep It Hot For Daddy
8.I'm Free click to listen
10.The Cool Thing To Do
11.Priceless click to listen
12.Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Rock-N-Roll
13.Things Go Better click to listen

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Uninspired beats and lyrics (2.5 stars), March 7, 2008
By: alanp0099 - See all my reviews

This is one of the more disappointing releases from the indy hip-hop label Rhymesayers. I found next to nothing fresh about this release. RJD2, whom I usually love, comes with some of his weakest, and least colorful production efforts to date. Did he make these in a weekend? He was probably too busy supplying his flyest beats to veteran rapper Aceyalone for his new (and superior) album ("Magnificent City" [2006]). The production work is incomparable. The beats aren't terrible, but they're far from fantastic. Perhaps RJ was lacking spirit due to Blueprint's redundant set of boring lyrics. Blueprint sort of sound's like a hypocrite on "No Gimmicks". Because later he dives into subjects like his ladies wasting his cell phone minutes ("I Need My Minutes"), the ridiculous "Blame It On The Jager", and other mind-numbing fluff (no gimmicks...riiight).

Blueprint has got to stick to his story rhymes, which he excels at. His battle skills are obviously terrible (pick up some old Scribble Jam videos to see exactly what I mean). The first Soul Position album was fairly good (mostly due to RJD2's very fresh production), but "Things Go Better with RJ and Al" falls flat on it's face. These guys have got to head back down to the basement and stir up the creative juices (Slug should probably join the party too), because it obviously isn't working out to well this time around.

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