Blame One - Priest, Thief + Wizard CD

Blame One - Priest, Thief + Wizard CDBlame One
Year: 2006
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Format: CD

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Simply amazing...Blame drops us his 3rd full-length album, The Priest, Thief, and The Wizard. Quite arguably Blame's best piece to date. With Exile from the group, Emanon, handling 5 tracks, it has an Emanon feeling to it. The production is amazing and Blame can spit heat, while handling the full responsibilites of life, keeping it raw and very real. Blame is an MC's MC and you'll see if you check him out, or maybe you already know.

1.Spell Casting click to listen
2.Priest, Thief & Wizzard
3.That's What I Say click to listen
5.Gotta Be Ready
6.Its On Now!
7.Mr. Talkative click to listen
9.Jah Is Powefull! click to listen
10.Knock Em Out The Box
11.Deep Doo Doo
12.So Happy click to listen
13.Micro Mute

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Wizard MC, November 28, 2007
By: Sweet Therapy - See all my reviews

Blame One is a lyrical mastermind. This album's fresh beats with nice piano samples remind me that hip hop is still alive. Staying true to the ethical hustling style of a real Mc is definitely evident in this album. Raw, rigid and almost rare style these days. A must have fo sho!

Blame is dope..., October 10, 2007
By: Nasty - See all my reviews

This is a very solid album. Very personal, very real. Theres nothing fake about Blame One. Dude has a very unique sound/style too. This is the only Blame album I have and I intend on buying them all in time...

Plus, Blame is a cool dude.

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