Various Artists - Soundbombing 2 CD

Various Artists - Soundbombing 2 CDVarious Artists
Label: Rawkus Records
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The 1999 follow-up to the underground hit, Soundbombing, and part two comes out swinging! Hosted by Beat Junkies DJ's Babu and J-Rocc (the first one was hosted by Evil Dee of Da Beatminerz) and featuring a wide range of veterans, up and comers (a pre-fame Eminem) as well as Rawkus heavyweights at the time. With more tracks and more clout, this one is just as good as the first and is one of the reasons that Rawkus was a force to be reckoned with in the late 90's! Again just look at that line up and play a fun little game called ''Where Are They Now'' and do the math.

2.The Beat Junkies (Any Man Intro)
3.Eminem - 'Any Man'
4.The High & Mighty - 'B-Boy Document 99' (feat. Mos Def / Mad Skillz)
5.The Beat Junkies - 'WWIII Intro'
6.Pharoahe Monch & Shabaam Sahdeeq - 'WWIII'
7.R.A. The Rugged Man - 'Stanley Kubrick'
8.J-Live & Prince Paul - 'A Message From'
9.Kid Capri/The Beat Junkies - 'Crosstown Beef Intro'
10.Medina Green - 'Crosstown Beef'
11.Marley Marl & Pete Rock/The Beat Junkies - '7XL Intro'
12.Sir Menelik - '7XL' (feat. Grand Puba / Sadat X)
13.Reflection Eternal - 'Chaos' (feat. Bahamadia)
14.Dilated Peoples & Tash - 'Soundbombing'
15.Thirstin Howl III - 'Brooklyn Hard Rock'
16.Pharoahe Monch - 'Mayor'
17.The Beat Junkies - 'Patriotism Intro'
18.Company Flow - 'Patriotism'
19.Q-Tip/The Beat Junkies - '1999 Intro'
20.Common - '1999' (feat. Sadat X)
21.Diamond - 'When It Pours It Rains'
22.Mos Def & The Beat Junkies - 'A Message From'
23.Mos Def - 'Next Universe'
24.The Beat Junkies - 'Every Rhyme I Write Intro'
25.Shabaam Sahdeeq - 'Every Rhyme I Write' (feat. The Cocoa Brovaz)
26.Reflection Eternal - 'On Mission'

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