Deeskee - Audiobiograffitti CDR

Deeskee - Audiobiograffitti CDRDeeskee
Label: LA2theBay
Year: 2009
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Format: CDR

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Deeskee's new full length, Audiobiograffiti. Years in the making and quite possibly his best work yet! Now in extremely limited release on an actual physical disc you can hold in your hand!

Produced by Deeskee. Cuts by LD (track 1); WD4D (5); Tha Goonie (8); Roach the DJ (16). Keyboards by Ikey Owens (track 7). Background vocals by 2Mex, Medusa & Bleek (track 13). Track 17 ''How Many MCs '09'' has too many featured MCs to fit in the track listing! (Joe Dub, Subtitle, Premonition, Doc Lewd, Maleko, Metfly, Existereo, Akuma, LifeRexall, Awol One, Tommy V, Neila, EVS, Raj, Spaceranger, Die Del Amor, Thesis Sahib, Nocando, Topic, Matre, Ceschi & Xololanxinxo).

1.Radiate (feat. Prince Po / Key Kool / Matre)
2.Combustible Compounds (feat. Fatlip / PEACE / Scarub / Volume 10)
3.Indymand (feat. LMNO / 2Mex / LifeRexall)
4.West Coast Business (feat. Maleko / Z-Man)
5.Relative Work (feat. Premonition / Nocando / Subtitle / Joe Dub)
6.Wontwenny (feat. Radioinactive / Busdriver)
7.Daydreaming (feat. Existereo / Xololanxinxo / Rozzi Daime)
8.Eye Thingk (feat. PEACE / Awol One)
9.Hip Hop Legends (feat. Ellay Khule / Murs)
10.Look Out! (feat. Rakaa (Dilated Peoples) / K984 (C2D))
11.Metronome Click (feat. 2Mex / Lord Zen (Visionaries) / LifeRexall / Brother J (X-Clan) / Sach)
12.False Hope (feat. Barfly / Existereo / Fatlip)
13.Life Like (Graffiti On The Wall) (feat. Akuma / Dannu (Visionaries) / Awol One)
14.Motel Six (feat. Qwel / Bishop I / Sleep / Mestizo)
15.Mad World (feat. Neila / Isaiah / Die Young (Shapeshifters))
16.Space Needle (feat. Existereo / Longevity / 2Mex)
17.How Many MCs '09 (Bonus Track)

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My number 1 album of the year!!, December 18, 2009
By: Mark W - See all my reviews

The combination of MC's on these songs will most likely never happen again. This is the new "Beneath The Surface". Deeskee is a musical genius!!! LA2THEBAY!!!!

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