Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus 12 Year CD

Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus 12 Year CDCompany Flow
Label: Definitive Jux
Year: 2009
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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It might only be a bare bones re-release (re-mastered by Def Jux) but it has been out of print for more than a few years, and getting your hands on a copy of this all-time classic from El-P, Bigg Jus and DJ Mr. Len was quite a hassle until now! I couldn't even begin to try and review Funcrusher Plus, but can only urge those who have never heard it to add it to your cart upon reading, and hope that others still recognize Company Flow's significance, despite the group's break-up and misfired solo excursions...well, at least there is some debate about that but, again, I dare not touch any of that stuff and only wish to shed light on this wonderful re-gifting now available not only on CD but on double vinyl as well! Over the years I've bought extra copies of this album just in case of nuclear fall-out, or if I get stranded on an island Lost-style. Forever a classic that changed hip hop, and spoke warnings of its was underground in 1997, and it's underground today, the future of hip hop as told by Company Flow continues to fight beneath the surface of mainstream rap and pop music. It's safe to pull out your old copies now knowing you've got back-ups! Don't miss out this time around!

1.Bad Touch Example
2.8 Steps To Perfection click to listen
3.Collude / Intrude (feat. J-Treds) click to listen
7.Lune TNS click to listen
8.Help Wanted
9.Population Control
12.89.9 Detrimental
13.Vital Nerve (feat. BMS)
14.Tragedy Of War (In III Pars)
15.The Fire In Which You Burn (feat. J-Treds / The Brewin)
16.Krazy Kings click to listen
17.Last Good Sleep
18.Info Kill II click to listen
19.Funcrush Scratch

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