Nicolay - Dutch Masters v.1 2xCD

Nicolay - Dutch Masters v.1 2xCDNicolay
Label: Foreign Exchange Music
Year: 2005
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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Known for his amazing production, and half of Foreign Exchange, Nicolay drops The Dutch Maters Mixtape! Featuring remixes of Little Brother, Living Legends, Foreign Exchange, Common, Supastition, Jaguar Wright, and many more!!!! PSC from the Legends came in here, and the 'It's Us' remix was playing and, let's just say he was impressed, to say the least. Nicolay has a classic sound that emcompasses you and surrounds you. Music you feel and vibe to. Music to live life to. You can lead a horse to water, and Nicolay quenches the deepest of thirsts!!!

Produced by Nicolay.

Disc 1
1.Phonte from Little Brother/The Foreign Exchange - 'Intro'
2.Thyrday - 'Fantastic' (Remix)
3.Little Brother - 'Light It Up' (Remix)
4.SouL - 'The Blessing'
5.Nicolay & Supastition - 'The Williams' (Remix)
6.The Foreign Exchange - 'Nic's Groove' (Remixes Blend)
7.Von Pea - '1st Date'
8.Eye Plus Eye - 'Love Life Music' (Remix)
9.Jaguar Wright - 'I Can't Wait' (Remix) (feat. Bilal)
10.Ilwil - 'So Far' (Remix) (feat. Jameeze)
11.Living Legends - 'It's Us' (Remix)
12.Gridlock Fam - 'Hold Me Down'
13.Mr. Shhhhh - 'Metropolis' (Dodge City Anthem)
14.Pig & ear2ear - 'Globetrotters' (Remix)
15.Science Fiction - 'Hold On' (Remix)
16.The Foreign Exchange - 'All That You Are' (Remixes Blend)
17.Common - 'Come Close' (Remix) (feat. Mary J. Blige)
Disc 2

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